Here at Be Your Brand we like to work on your company’s brand in steps, to ensure we’re as comprehensive and cohesive as we can be. We’ve found that separating our approach into A) Discovery and B) Strategy, means we can identify key areas of your brand to work on.


This stage involves conducting research on your business, competitors, and brand perceptions. It allows us to gain an in-depth understanding of what will benefit your brand most.

  • Pre-Workshop Questionnaire: an online questionnaire for you to complete, to gather background information before the workshop.

  • Desk Research: research into how your brand is showing up online, in the media etc. and how your competitors are positioning themselves.

  • Stakeholder Questionnaires: it’s valuable to gather insights from your employees and clients to understand how they perceive your brand. We can send an online questionnaire to up to 10 people who you nominate.  


Strategy building will occur across collaborative workshops, where we can map out what your brand is really about. Once we have this groundwork we can focus on creating a sustainable strategy for your brand!

  • Brand Definition: vision, mission, values and value proposition. We turn this into your brand story.

  • Top-line Marketing Strategy: we will look at how you’re currently reaching potential clients, the purpose of the website and look at other channels you could be tapping into.

Output: A presentation with your brand definition and top-line marketing strategy. This can be used as a brief for your website.

You’ll leave our time together feeling confident and excited about the future of your brand. With clear steps of where you need to go, and how to get there. We can’t wait to get started!