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Ambitious and passionate but stuck in a branding rut? This accelerator is for you.

What you'll get out of this: 

  • Clarity and confidence in your brand story and strategy

  • Understanding of branding and marketing 101

  • A clear plan of action for your next steps

  • Access to templates and planners to help you stay on track

The details:

  • Workshops on 29 January and 5 February 6-7:30pm

  • 2 x Coaching Calls to be completed by the end of April

  • Only $440pp + gst (save 25%), usually $599pp + gst

  • Limited places

: We work in collaboration with individuals and organisations to define and build purpose-driven brands.

: We believe that when you have a clear-defined purpose and values that runs through your entire brand experience, it inspires connection with your customers and employees.

: We live and breathe brand. We love helping you to define and articulate what makes your brand stand out, build and implement the strategy for sharing your value with your audience and bring your brand to life by making it a part of everything you do. This is how to Be Your Brand.

Kate Jenkins, Be Your Brand Founder & Director

Kate Jenkins, Be Your Brand Founder & Director

Kate Jenkins is the Founder and Director of Be Your Brand. Kate has more than 15 years experience leading award-winning campaigns and brand transformation projects for iconic brands including Singapore Airlines, British Airways and the Sydney Opera House.

Kate applies what she's learned from working for some of the world's biggest brands to helping small businesses and startups make a big impact. 

Kate is on a mission is to help more people and brands discover their purpose so they can take their business or career or ideas to the next level. By purpose, we mean brands and people, that have a bigger cause or belief at the centre of everything they do, and their values guide how they operate. Purpose-driven brands make a bigger impact on their customers, clients and employees. 



Starting with the why, we work collaboratively with you to define your brand strategy including your purpose, values, personality, positioning and your value proposition. 


We transform your definition into your identity - how your brand looks, feels and sounds. 


Once your brand is defined, we work with you to develop the strategy for sharing your brand and building you audience (customers, staff, followers) through content and marketing. 


We can put your brand building strategy into action and manage your campaigns, social media and content development.  



We'd love to start a conversation about how we can take your brand to the next level.


t: +61 (0)490 401 492